Bora Bora - November 2001

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We spent our first night in French Polynesia in Tahiti, and then early the next morning we flew to Bora Bora. So, we spent that morning taking pictures around the Le Meridien on Tahiti, and then headed off to Bora Bora.

This is Jay holding up a tree on the grounds of the Le Meridien on Tahiti.

Goranka on an outside stairwell, with flowers in the background. The colors were incredible - the picture doesn't do them justice.

The flight from Tahiti has a short stopover on the island of Moorea (which is about a 10 minute flight from Tahiti). This is a shot of Moorea while we were flying to Bora Bora.

And this is a shot of Bora Bora, its lagoon, and a few motus. We chose the wrong side of the plane to get better views, and also got a little too close to the engine. Still, you get a taste of it. The airport is on the motu closest to us in the picture, and was built by the U. S. during World War II.

Because the airport is on a motu, everyone that arrives must be taken by boat to either the island or to their hotel. Many hotels meet you at the airport as part of the stay. This is a shot of the harbor at the airport.

Goranka and I stayed in an overwater bungalow at the Le Meridien. This is a shot of Goranka on the balcony. We had read on various tourist feedback sites that the balconies at Le Meridien were too small, but we didn't feel that way. Our bungalow was great!

This is a shot of Jay on the docks leading out to our bungalow. In the background, you can see Mt. Otemanu, which seemed to be perpetually enshrouded with clouds.

The mountain is really impressive. This is a shot of Goranka on the docks with the Otemanu in the background.

We finally managed to get a cloudless shot of Mt. Otemanu, following a rainstorm (doesn't it figure?).

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