Bora Bora - November 2001

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The tour operator owns a plantation as well, so one stop on the tour is a pineapple farm, where you pick a couple of fresh pineapples. You then head to a gun emplacement built by the U.S. during World War II. While there, Carlos cleaned the pineapples in a traditional way, and we had a snack. Tahitian pineapples are the sweetest in the world, and if you like pineapple, you are truly in heaven.

Goranka and Jay at the pineapple farm.

These are pineapple plants. We never realized they grow on the ground.

More discovery for us: bananas grow upside down!

Here are papayas, and the purple upside down teardrop shaped growth in the upper left corner will evolve into a bunch of bananas.

Here I am next to one of the guns on the island. This was actually quite far up a steep slope, and it had to be hauled up manually.

Jay wandering on the "road". A picture that didn't turn out was taken near this spot. We went up what seemed like a 45 degree slope. Everyone in the 4x4 thought Carlos was joking when he said we were going that way (they clearly have an alternate route they use when it is very rainy).

Goranka and Jay with the lagoon in the background. This was our last stop on the 4x4 tour. We had a blast, but it will be nice to give our behinds a break from the 4x4!

At the place where the boat from Le Meridien picks you up on the island to take you to the Le Meridied motu, there was a car rental place. You could rent these little cars, and Goranka thought they were "cute."

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