The Boulders Resort - May 2000

We spent 4 days at this beautiful resort north of Pheonix, AZ. The only bad part of the trip was that the temperature never dropped below 110°F during the day while we were there (the average temperature at that time is supposed to be in the 90s). Still, the place is truly beautiful, and we hope to return there soon.

This is the entry to the reception area

Goranka, next to a cactus on the walkway to our Casita

A view of some of the rock formations the resort is named after, and a lone cactus

A closer view of the lone cactus from the previous shot.

A shot of the balloons taking off as ours was being filled

A shot of the balloon from the inside looking up from the basket

A shot of the altimeter as we passed through the one mile above sea level.

We managed to miss this large cactus while landing.

When we woke up to get ready for the balloon ride, we found this little guy in the bathtub (gotta love the desert!)

Goranka on the bridge at the resort