Carmel, CA - December 1999

While Goranka's parents were in town, we made a short day-trip to Carmel - one of our favorite places in Northern California. We like it because it is just a nice place to walk around. They have lots of shops to nose around in, plenty of studios to check out for interesting artwork, and a beautiful beach to take a stroll on.

This is one of the shops in Carmel, with Goranka's parents in the foreground.

Goranka and her parents in front of a gnarled up piece of driftwood on Carmel's beach.

This is a tree on Carmel beach where gulls like to hang out.

This is a picture of Goranka's parents on Carmel beach, down near the water. They had just officially touched the Pacific ocean.

This is a picture of Goranka and her parents on Carmel beach. The land in the background is Pebble beach golf course.

This is a view from a stop along 17-mile drive - a scenic road stretching between Pacific Grove and Carmel. Pebble Beach golf course is located along the drive, along with several beautiful homes.

This is a view from the same stop as the previous picture. This time we wanted to show one of the homes, as well as the seals on the beach (the little black lumps just to the left of Goranka).