Croatia - August 2002

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In August, 2002, we went to Croatia to visit Goranka's family. Normally, we spend our time in the Zagreb area. This trip we spent the bulk of our time on the coast, where we stayed at her sister's summer house on the island of Korčula. It was a great vacation, and if you ever have a chance to visit the Croatian part of the Adriatic, we can highly recommend it.

This is Goranka's parents cottage on a fairly steep hillside in Zelina. It is a great little escape from Zagreb, where they have an orchard, a vegetable garden, and a few grape vines.

To get to Korčula, we drove to the coastal city of Split, where we got on a ferry for a 3 hour ride to the island. While waiting for the ferry to depart, we visited Goranka's uncle, as well as Diocletian's Palace (built from 295-305 AD). This is a shot of the Peristyle from the palace.

Goranka and I outside of the Cathedral of St. Dominus. The columnade from the Peristyle is in the background.

This is the bell-tower of the Cathedral of St. Dominus.

A clock tower within Diocletian's palace.

A stone relief within Diocletian's palace.

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