Croatia - August 2002

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While staying on Korčula, we took a day trip to the famous city of Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik has a very well preserved ancient city, that is completely walled-in from its surroundings. You can walk all around the town on its walls, and during the summer they hold plays using various fortresses around the city as backdrops. It is really amazing, and well worth the trip. Big shock that it is a UNESCO world heritage site.

A picture of the walls from the north. This is near where we parked. We entered down by where you see the cars.

I love the narrow streets. It makes for a great pedestrian experience, and keeps it somewhat cooler.

This is Jay on the walls, with the main street (Stradun) in the background. Stradum's stones have been smoothed by centuries of traffic, and it is almost like walking on tiles.

This is a shot along the walls near the stairs that we used to get to the top of the walls. The tower in the distance is where we parked.

This is a shot of Goranka with Lovrijenac fortress in the background. Lovrijenac is often a site for performances of Hamlet during the summer festivals. Can't imagine why...

This is a shot of Bokar fortess, which faces Lovrijenac fortress.

This is Jay with the southern, sea-facing wall in the background.

This is sea-facing wall minus Jay. I was impressed with the scale of this. You are quite a bit up from the sea on this wall.

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