Disneyland Trip - December 2002

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Before going over to the Flying Dumbo ride, we picked up a FastPass for It's a Small World. This was great, because it let us do some other things, and know that we would have a pretty minimal wait at It's a Small World when out FastPass time came around (it was a 2+ hour wait when we came back). After going on the It's a Small World ride, we grabbed a bite to eat (finding seating for 9 folks its pretty hard at a theme park, in case you were wondering), and then split up. Goranka, Mia, and Goranka's parents went back to the hotel to recuperate (we had been there for about 6 hours at that point). I stayed with Kris and her family, and wandered around with them at that point.

This is the entrance to It's a Small World.

A shot of one of the exhibits inside It's a Small World. As is appropriate, the brass instruments are in the front row!

I managed to cut off the little guy playing the sousaphone in the lower right hand corner here, but the tree was neat!

Jordyn, Logan, and Kris in Adventureland. Kris is every bit as nice as she seems in this picture (and so are the little ones, even though Logan was under the weather on this day).

As we were leaving, they lit the Christmas tree at the end of Main Street. So, this is the before...

... and this is the after!

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