Hawaii - July 2002

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In July 2002, Goranka and I were both a bit under the weather, had been working under high stress for a pretty large chunk of time, and needed a quick vacation. So, we went to the island of Lanai (one of the smaller Hawaiian islands) for the fourth of July. Lanai is located very close to Maui and used to be a major producer of pineapples. There's plenty of outdoors stuff to do there, but we mostly stayed at the hotel (the Manele Bay Hotel), on the beach or by the pool.

To get to Lanai, we flew to Maui, and then stayed overnight in Lahaina. This is a view from the hotel we stayed at in Lahaina. The island you see is Lanai.

We took the first ferry from Lahaina to Lanai, and arrived at the hotel in time for breakfast at one of the hotel's restaurants. This was the view from the terrace where we ate.

This was also taken while eating breakfast on the terrace.

At the time, Jay was having problems sleeping, which combined with the time change meant that he was waking up fairly early. So, he would get up and read on the terrace of our room. He took this as the sun was coming up one day.

While in college, Jay took a course on archery and fencing. The hotel had an archery and shooting range associated with it, so Jay tried to recapture his long lost archery skills.

With his early rounds, Jay did pretty good, getting decent groups in and around the bullseye. But, being in the phenomenal shape that he is, his arms tired rather quickly. Evidence of the effect of that can be seen in this shot, where his shots are a bit more scattered.

But, Jay did manage to win the Golden Pineapple, by hitting the picture of the pineapple from 15 meters. Granted, he just barely did it...

While we were waiting for the shuttle to take us back to the hotel, a group of pheasant showed up for their daily lunch at the shooting range.

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