Joshua Tree National Park - May 2000

We only spent 2 days in this beautiful national park, but it was time well spent. I have to say that I am starting to think that we should avoid desert areas. At The Boulders, we had temperatures 15 F° higher than normal. In Joshua Tree, we had incredibly high winds. Luckily we have a dome tent, and so the wind didn't bother us too much. The rattlesnake shown below was much more of a concern for me though. Yeah, I've seen that Maniac on TV playing with rrrat-lers here in the states, and I understand that they want less to do with me, than I do with them, but I still don't like them!

The obligatory shot of the entry sign

Rattlesnake on the trail

A Joshua Tree

A cholla cactus

Goranka and a cholla cactus

Jay in the middle of a sea of cholla cacti

A view of the Colorado desert from a cholla cactus grove

An ocotillo cactus in full bloom

Jay, with the Mojave desert in the background

Goranka, with the mountains east of
Los Angeles in the background

Goranka and a Joshua Tree

Sunset from the campground