Oahu - Thanksgiving 2003

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After visiting the USS Arizona Memorial, we went next door to the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park. The USS Bowfin is a WWII-era submarine that is beached next to the departure point for the USS Arizona. It was launched one year to the day after the Pearl Harbor attack (December 7, 1942). For a small fee, you can go on board the museum for a self-guided tour. There is also a small park that you can visit containing submarine-related exhibits.

Jay, with the USS Bowfin in the background.

A human piloted torpodeo (Kaiten) used by the Japanese during WWII. This is basically a suicide submarine.

Rudder and engine speed controls on the bridge of the USS Bowfin.

Ballast tank guages and controls.

Forward torpedo tubes. You can see the propeller of a torpedo in the upper left tube.

One of the engines of the USS Bowfin.

Goranka near the stern of the USS Bowfin (the aft torpedo room hatch is in the foreground).

Jay in the conning tower of the USS Bowfin. Doesn't he look like command material?

Goranka in front of the conning tower (note that we kept her well away from the conning tower!)

Jay at the helm (nice look, huh?).

Goranka taking a break in a hatchway.

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