Sunol Regional Wilderness (Sunol, CA) - May 2001

The Sunol Regional Wilderness is part of the East Bay Regional Park District, and is a short drive from anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. As with many places in the Bay Area, it is amazing how such a short trip can take you to a beautiful place. On this day, we ended up having a nice lunch with two good friends (Steve and Bill) in a shady spot along a quiet creek. A great way to spend an afternoon!

Goranka getting ready to eat at our creekside lunch spot.

Steve looking kinda red (this may be a scanning thing - I promise he doesn't look this freaky normally!)

Bill getting ready to eat, wishing that I didn't have a camera with me...

Bill, Steve, and Goranka (left-to-right) putting up with my desire to capture the moment.

Our picnic spot was just loaded with various forms of wildlife, with the predominant local inhabitants being lizards. Big shock, especially where we were.

There was ample opportunity for rock scrambling, but one section made you go deal with water. I tried to keep my pants dry, but it didn't happen. Bill ended up soaking his shoes (he tried to go over a rock and slipped). It was hilarious!

The water in the creek was crystal clear - just look at the color of the pool in this picture.

With a little bit of effort, you can get to see picturesque waterfalls... well as pristine pools.

This is Goranka with a typical Bay Area backdrop during the summer. It doesn't rain here in the summer, so the grass on the hillsides dries out (hence the high risk of grass fires that you may have heard about). The contrast between the larger bushes and trees with grasslands makes for beautiful views. Of course in those places where there are no larger bushes and trees, it can also look fairly desolate.