Tuba Ensemble - December 2002

At the beginning of September 2002, I started playing tuba again after a 9 year layoff (no horn, no play). I bought my horn from Tony Clements, and he told me about a tuba ensemble he was directing at Ohlone College. Two weeks later I joined the group, and 3 months later I played in my first concert. It was a Christmas performance at the League of Volunteers (LOV) Community Service Center in Newark, CA. It's good to be back playing!

The tuba ensemble, getting ready to play. The bell of my horn is pointing at the camera.

Still getting ready to play, most likely warming up.

Slightly different angle this time, showing the euphoniums in the first couple of rows.

A "Tony's eye view" of the euphonium section.

Tony tuning the euphoniums.

Playing a Christmas tune, Tony directing.